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Yes, you will – but you’ll need to realize that your card choices will be more limited than they would if your credit score was higher. You have three basic options, outlined below:

You’ll want to consider secured credit cards, which require a security deposit as collateral and may have higher fees and APRs than other cards, but which generally report to credit bureaus and can help boost your credit score if you pay your balance in full each month before the payment due date.

Also take a look at our selection of credit cards for people with damaged credit, and remember that it’s best to choose a card that reports to credit bureaus, so you can improve your credit score.

Another alternative for you is a prepaid card, which is not truly a credit card.  These cards do not give you a credit line and don’t report to credit bureaus. You simply load the card with the amount of money you’d like, and then use the card instead of cash in places where you need to use plastic to pay.

One of these options will work for you, but which one to choose is up to you. Take your time and consider which card will work best for you. Good luck!