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If you are sure you will be able to reap rewards and pay off the cards by the due date you can use this method. However, you should remember that multiple hard inquiries are not good for your credit score and credit card issuers may become suspicious.  The issuers do not like credit card churning. Instead, you can get two or three credit cards which earn different rewards and come without an annual fee. If your existing credit card does not earn rewards, you may want to replace it with a travel rewards credit card like the Discover it® Miles. This card comes with 0% intro APR on purchases (when the introductory interest rate is over, the ongoing APR will apply). It will allow you to earn 1.5 miles per dollar spent. Miles can be redeemed for cash or travel expenses like tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cards. If you want to avoid interest payments, you can apply for another 0% intro APR credit card. Choose the one with rewards and with no annual fee. Think which credit card or combination of credit cards will be best for you before you apply.