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Students can benefit greatly from credit cards designed exclusively for them. Availability of credit helps reduce the financial burden of a student and can help with the purchases necessary for college. Right reward programs and interest rates can help them build a good credit history and qualify for loans and other necessary financing options to continue their studies.

There are many credit cards that are designed to suit the needs of a student. Many of them are equipped with great reward schemes, to provide cash back features for purchases like books, computer related purchases, groceries and so on. Most of the credit cards that are designed for students come with introductory interest free periods. Students can make any big purchases necessary to start their college, during the introductory period, and avail the feature of clearing the bills in ample time. It will also help manage finances better, and get acclimatized to using credit cards, and building credit scores.

Student credit cards are easy to apply and get approved for. The usual credit check that is mandatory in other types of credit card is not required for student credit cards. This enables students to obtain a good value credit card without having a credit history. Most credit cards provide an instant approval if applied online, which is why student credit cards are often called instant approval cards. The best credit card deals can also be found online, and the application process for most of them is fairly simple.

Since the credit cards are designed for students, low interest rate credit cards will have a lower credit limit. Low credit limit cards do not need students to sign up with a co-signer. However, students wishing for a higher credit limit must have a co-signer along, because they will not have a credit history to refer to. But generally, the credit cards will have adequate credit limit for a student, and it can always be increased, once a good credit history is built. Student credit cards will also have no annual fees, so obtaining a credit card does not cost money.

Student credit card application will need sufficient validation to prove that the applicant is a student. Applications will often need to be accompanied by student enrollment proof, student ID, a valid social security number and information of college attended. Along with all the information, a student can complete an online application form with personal details, and bank account details, and submit the form to the credit card union.