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While having no credit certainly puts you in good books in terms of debts, this is not a very intelligent way to go about, because it can be quite difficult to handle financial needs. In case you run out of cash to pay off your month end bills, or need emergency cash for your disposal, then there can be limited options for no credit loans.

One option for you can be obtaining a payday loan. The way this loan works is very simple and fast. The prerequisites of applying for this loan are simple too; the first requirement is that you will need to be employed for at least six months at the time of applying for the loan and the second requirement is for you to have a valid bank account. You must be 18 years or older to be able to apply for this loan. This loan is purely based on the fact that you can pay off the loan the moment you get your monthly pay check, so the amount you can lend through this loan depends on what you earn. Usually, it is limited to about $2000 every time.

The second option that you can consider is taking an equity loan. There are certain companies that conduct a credit check for this loan too, but you will also get a lot of companies that lends you money without customary credit checks. This loan needs you to have a car or a home to pledge instead of the cash you get. Easy monthly installments are available for you to repay these loans, or you can pay them in full, when you get out of the financial situation. The amount of money you will get in this type of loan is usually big, depending upon the value of your property, so use this loan only if you are in need of big amount of money. Since you will be using your property, you will need to be extra careful when you are dealing with this loan to make your monthly payments on time. Failure to do so can cause your property to be confiscated by the bank.

Though there are limited options, these loans are real savers at the time of the need. Doing a little research before you zero in on your loan option will help you save loads of money in terms of interest, when you are repaying the loan.