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Depending on whether you want to earn rewards towards your future cruises or maximize your everyday rewards, you have two options to choose from. The first is, you can apply for a travel rewards credit card offered by a major bank. Such card will allow you to earn miles or points and redeem them for cruises, flights or cash. Consider the Discover it® Miles credit card. It offers 1.5 miles for all purchases, which lets you earn every time you make a purchases, even non-travel related. There’s also an interesting kind of a welcome bonus – you get your miles matched at the end of the first year, if you are a new cardmember. For example, if you’ve earned 35,000 miles, you’ll get 70,000 miles. That's $700 towards travel! If you put a lot of purchases on a card, this can excel premium cards’ sign-up bonuses.

The second option is, to apply for a cash back credit card. Cash back rewards are more flexible when it comes to redemption options: you will be able to redeem for travel, statement credits, purchases, or cash. Think how you are going to use rewards you will earn on your new credit card and then chose the card that fits your needs best.