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The Z Gallerie credit card is designed to be used at Z Gallerie store locations and for purchases from ZGallerie com. It cannot be used to make purchases from other stores. If you want a more flexible card that still earns rewards, consider getting a general rewards credit card.

There are a variety of general rewards credit cards available. Some are oriented toward travelers, and others co-branded with retail stores and airlines. Cashback cards that give you a certain percentage of your purchases back as statement credits are also an option. Which card is right for you will largely depend on your spending habits and the rewards you'd prefer to get.

Some rewards cards come with an annual fee. You may want to avoid fees, but be sure to carefully consider the benefits that come with these cards. If you use them, they can more than cover the cost of the card. Premium cards can offer added value in a variety of ways, including greater earning potential and exclusive perks, such as free airport lounge access.