The Best Credit Card for Earning Cash: Discover it® Cash Back


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Updated: November 5, 2018

The Best Credit Card for Earning Cash: Discover it® Cash Back

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Bottom Line
INTRO OFFER: Discover will match ALL the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, automatically. There's no signing up. And no limit to how much is matched.

You could be earning loads of cash just for using the right credit card. The Discover it® Cash Back is ridiculously rewarding and has no annual fee.

You'll have hundreds of dollars in your pocket in no time because you'll earn money back on every purchase you make with this card. There are no restrictions on the amount of cash back you can get, and Discover even matches every penny you earn in your first 12 months as a new cardholder.

The Discover it® Cash Back card is easy to use, rewarding and has no annual fee. Why haven't you gotten one, yet?

Outstanding Bonuses on Everyday Purchases

One of the best features of the Discover it® Cash Back card is that you can earn up to 5 percent cash back. The card has quarterly rotating bonus categories for purchases made from popular merchants.

Every quarter new categories are featured that earn five cents back on the dollar. You will need to enroll each time a category starts, or you won't earn that 5 percent cash back.

The bonus categories vary a bit from year to year, but they usually include gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, online shopping and more. Discover makes it easy for you to maximize your cashback by choosing popular everyday spending categories.

While the 5 percent earning rate is limited to $1,500 in purchases per quarter, that translates into an easy $300 back per year just for maxing out those bonus categories.

Even if a purchase isn't at one of the featured retailers, you'll still earn cash back. You'll get an unlimited 1 percent back on all non-bonus purchases.

Match Your Cash Back

You'll earn so much more than that during your first year as a new cardholder. Discover's Cashback Match will match all of the cash back you earn the first 12 months you have the card (provided you are a new cardmember).

If you earn $300 in cash back, Discover will send you another $300. And if you earn $1,500, you'll get a total of $3,000 back. The more you spend, the more you'll earn. It's that simple!

With the cashback match, this card is untouchable the first year, and it continues to be excellent for however long you decide to keep it.

No Risk and No Cost

It's hard to believe, but the Discover it® Cash Back card has no annual fee. That's not just for the first year, that's for every year you keep the card. You'll never pay a penny for this card.

In other words, every dollar you earn in cash back is pure profit. Whoever said that there's no free lunch didn't know about this card.

Since there's no cost to keep the card, it's also a great tool for building up your credit history. The longer your credit history, the better your credit score. Who doesn't need a little help in that department?

Interest-Free Financing

Discover isn't just about the cashback rewards. They also offer cardholders a way to save lots of cash with a 0% Intro APR for both purchases and balance transfers.

You can finance a big purchase or pay down existing debt with 14 months of 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers with the Discover it® Cash Back card (after that the ongoing APR will be 13.49% - 24.49% Variable). Earn cash back on purchases while saving money with what's essentially an interest-free loan.

The Best Security Around

Discover is the only card issuer that offers free Social Security number alerts. Not only does the issuer monitor your card account for unusual activity, but they also monitor thousands of risky websites for the illegal use of your Social Security number.

Beyond that, Discover also checks daily to see if any new lines of credit have been opened in your name. That includes credit cards, mortgages, car loans and more. Discover takes identity theft very seriously.

It's worth getting this card just for the added protection.

Top Perks

  • Excellent earning on everyday purchases: Get 5 percent back in quarterly rotating purchase categories that include gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and more (up to quarterly maximum, enrollment is required).
  • Cashback Match: At the end of your first year as a new cardholder, Discover will match every penny you've earned. Your year end bonus is only limited by how much you spend.
  • No restrictions on how you redeem your rewards: Just redeem for cash back in the form of statement credits or a check in the mail. It's that easy.
  • 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 14 months: Finance your next big purchase or pay down existing debt with 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for over a year. After that your go to APR will be 13.49% - 24.49% Variable, based on your creditworthiness.
  • No annual fee: This card is absolutely free. Discover is just giving money away, so why not apply today?

Industry-Leading Security Features

  • Social Security number alerts: Discover takes the extraordinary step of monitoring thousands of risky websites for the illegal use of your Social Security number.
  • Daily Experian credit checks: Discover also takes the unusual measure of making daily checks to see if any new lines of credit have been opened in your name. If someone's stealing your identity, you'll know about it.
  • Freeze it® on/off switch: You can instantly lock your account if your card is stolen or misplaced.
  • Card account monitoring: Your Discover card account will be monitored for any unusual or suspicious activity. You'll never be responsible for any unauthorized purchases made on your card.
  • U.S.-based customer service: 100% of Discover's customer service agents are based in the United States. You'll get the help you need, whenever you need it.
Apply for a Discover it® Cash Back*See Terms
Features: Earn 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different places each quarter like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, select rideshares and online shopping, up to the quarterly maximum when you activate.
Intro APR (on Purchases): 0% (14 months)
Intro APR (on Bal. Tr.): 0% (14 months)
Regular APR: 13.49% - 24.49% Variable *See Terms
Annual Fee: $0
Credit Nedeed: Excellent/Good

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