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Unfortunately, you can't earn rewards with this credit card. It doesn't have any rewards program. It is only applicable for getting credit on purchases at Big Lots. However, if you do want to earn rewards at Big Lots, there are other cards that work better. Try a general rewards credit card and earn cashback, points or miles for your purchases. Those are redeemable easily for travel, dining or generally whatever you like. Our pick here is the Discover it® Miles card. It offers you miles as a reward, there is a reward bonus of as many miles as you earn for a year (they are matched at the end of the first year, providing you are a new cardmember) and it has no annual fee. The redemption process is fast and easy. You can spend your miles on travel or get them as a cashback and spend them on anything you like. You earn 1.5x miles on every dollar you spend, but after the end-of-the-year match it becomes twice more.