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We do not realize how much credit cards can impact out life until later. There are so many things we take for granted until something actually opens our eyes to its existence. In many cases when you do not have a credit card, or a credit history to begin with doing business and getting your financials sorted out can be a real nightmare. There was a time when it was not so difficult to get credit cards while in college. Now however new regulations require people to have it only when they are over 21 and getting a card when you are underage is close to impossible.

As with every rule, this one has its loopholes as well. When you really want to have a credit card for your needs there are ways to make it a reality. Firstly there are prepaid and secured credit cards to choose from for people. If you have a budget you are working on or are not able to prove to the authorities to sanction to you a credit card then you can opt for these. Both prepaid and secured credit cards are far safer and let`s people control how much they spend and also pay up what they owe sooner. Prepaid credit cards offer flexibility allowing you to top it up according to how much you wish to spend. Secured credit cards offer the option of even having a credit history by reporting to the credit unions.

If you still are not satisfied with your experience and are looking to get the real deal then you need to have some documentation in place. For college students, to be able to get a credit card that is unsecured, they will need to show proof of employment. This will pass for a credit history indicating stable revenue and the ability to deal with their credit card dues on their own. It is no child`s play and all proof and documents provided should be authentic or else your application will be rejected which would go on your credit history as well.

If you want to play it safe then you can always co-sign on a credit card to be eligible with a spouse or a sibling or parent. This however is a risky venture for both parties if either of them defaults or becomes delinquent. Make sure you are teaming up with a responsible individual in such cases.