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Credit checks are usual routine checks carried out by everyone in business, to check the credibility of the other party involved. Having a bad credit can prove to be problematic in many circumstances, particularly those where large sums of money is involved. While there are ways to improve a credit history, it does not happen overnight. It will take some time to get past the bad credit zone and build a good credit history steadily. During the credit building phase, many circumstances in daily life can come up, where a credit check may be required. Getting utility connections, renting apartments, purchasing automobiles and even applying for new credit card might require a credit check.

Though credit checks cannot be avoided in many circumstances, there are some solutions to get around this problem. Renting apartments, for example, is possible even with a bad credit history. The landlords of the apartment will look for proof of income that will guarantee that a tenant will pay the rent every month. Mostly, to check the credibility of the tenant, a credit check will be performed before renting the apartment. If other documents that serve the purpose of establishing credibility are produced, a credit check can be avoided. Employment records, proof of income and recommendation letters from employers can establish credibility equally well, and are accepted by most landlords.

A brief letter explaining the circumstance that led to the bad credit can be produced to the land lords. While this may not guarantee the apartment itself, the effort can definitely work out to be an advantage. Along with this letter, a recommendation letter from the previous landlord can strengthen the credibility and help in obtaining the apartment.

Big apartment chains and commercial properties operate in stringent rules and follow a particular procedure, so avoiding a credit check might be difficult. But approaching local apartments, smaller complexes and even private landlords might give a better chance of avoiding a credit check and obtaining the apartment without problems. Vacancies in apartments like these are usually found in classifieds of local newspapers, and location specific internet forums. Looking for individually owned properties like condos or individually owned rental properties might be a good solution for apartments without credit checks. If the apartment complex offers amenities like gym, and utilities like electricity and cable, all companies involved in supplying utilities might demand a credit check. Renting apartments without amenities can also help in reducing credit checks. While there are ways to get past credit checks, it is always advisable to constantly work towards building a good credit history.