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Congratulations on having a sky-high credit score. You must have made all your payments on time, kept your revolving balances low, had your credit cards for a long time, and utilized a mix of types of credit, such as a business loan or mortgage in addition to a credit card. To take advantage of that excellent score, look for an elite travel rewards card that gives you perks like round-the-clock concierge service, access to VIP lounges in airports, free bag check, and generous signup bonuses that can be worth a weekend in a five-start hotel or a round-trip airplane ticket. A word of warning: these cards may charge annual fees. But don't be afraid of an annual fee of $80, or even up to $450. Some of the most elite credit cards out there charge steep annual fees, but those fees are worth every penny. The benefits these cards come with will pay off many times over, and you'll feel like the big shot you are every time you dip or swipe your card at the register.