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If you are not a free man and have lots of work lying on your worktable and you are dying to get a credit card, read on. With the World Wide Web, you can get instant approvals for a credit card without even visiting the bank. There are numerous financial institutions that provide instant online approval credit cards. When you file an application online for an instant approval credit card, you will be informed by email if your application has been approved or not.

Before you accept an offer from a credit card company, spend some time on portals to compare different instant approval credit cards and their offers. Determine the card most suitable for your expenditures and which pays you rewards you are most likely to use. Remember that the card company may approve your credit card application within a matter of 2 minutes but you will be paying from your mouth, if you have not read their fine print in haste. If you like rebates on all purchases and not just extra airlines, choose a credit card that matches your expenditure pattern. Don’t forget to compare introductory fees, annual fees and interest rates for introductory period and percentage charged on balance transfer, rewards policy. Find out how cash back will be credited to your account and after what duration. Most credit cards do not start giving cash back till you have spent a good amount of money on the card.

Instant approval credit cards require a good to excellent credit score. So recheck your credit rating. If it is bad credit score, spend some time on improving your credit score, before applying for instant approval credit cards.

People with bad credit history need not continue waiting endlessly for a credit card, as companies are also offering credit cards with instant approval to them as well. Although your bad credit card may get instant approval, it may be weeks, before it arrives on your doorstep. To ensure that you get your application approved in lesser time, fill up all mandatory questions in the online application form. After obtaining a credit card make your payments on time and regularly for a consistent duration of time to improve your credit score. This will later help you receive credit at good rates.