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Let’s start from this: you can apply for a secured credit card or unsecured credit card.

Secured credit cards require a secured deposit. That means you should open a deposit in a bank on a certain amount of sum. As a rule this sum of money is equal to your future credit limit. In other cases this card acts like general, unsecured, credit card.

Unsecured credit cards don’t require any deposit when you apply, they are general credit cards. However, unsecured cards for poor credit may charge high fees and interest rates.

Both secured and unsecured credit cards you can find in bad credit section. As you are shopping for a card for poor credit history, try to find the card that charges minimum payments. Sometimes credit card issuers may minimize some charges in case you pay off the balance in due time and show perfect credit performance. But the most important is the ability to build a credit. Not every credit card for poor credit gives the opportunity to do this, so read carefully the terms and fine print.