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Instant approval credit cards or loan simply means that the application for a credit card or loan will be approved instantly. The name tag is applied only for the application, and not the credit card or the loan itself. Instant approval applications will be processed online, through web sites of the banks or loan companies. After the customer sends in the application, the credit scores are accessed and the status of application is instantly given to the customer, through the internet. The whole process takes a few hours of time, and so the name. But, instant approval does not mean that the credit cards are made available to use instantly. The process of receiving the credit card may take one to two weeks of time, and so does the loan amount for the disposal.

The banks or the loan companies need extra details on the application, to be able to provide an instant approval. Since these applications are processed online, and can contain very personal and important details, it is advisable to deal through websites that are highly secure on the internet. Viewing the safety and security certificates of the websites and making sure that the webpage has a closed lock sign at the bottom right, is mandatory step towards safety.

Some instant approval credit card offers will have hidden charges applied, in the form of annual fee, processing fee or any such fee connected with the application. Before signing up for the card or loan, ensuring that the details in the fine print has been thoroughly read and understood can prevent misconceptions about the deals.

The offer mostly requires a customer to have a very good credit score, or at least a consistent fair credit score to start with. It is better to check with the credit scores before applying for the credit card or loan, and check the website of the company for requirements. Rejections of applications can lead to a drop in the credit score, which can lead to bad credit history. Comparison of all the cards available in the market is the key to purchasing the best instant approval credit card. Research on the internet will provide with sufficient information on the interest rates, conditions, requirements, fees if any and so on, which will make it easy to compare the offers.

Instant approval process sure takes lesser time compared to the regular mail process, but obtaining immediate loan or card through this process is rare.