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The federal fair credit reporting act or FCRA was established to safeguard the right to give credit to the people. All credit reporting bureaus must abide by the laws of the FCRA. The FCRA encourages consumers to repair bad credit in order to get back to mainstream credit practices.

As a consumer, you should read the laws in order to understand your rights with regard to credit. The first and foremost thing to do as a consumer is to find out the information in your credit file.

All banks and lenders will first check your credit report to establish whether or not you are eligible for a loan. If you file contains a lot of poor credit scores, you will most definitely be turned down. If not, your loan will be approved but with a very high interest rate due to your low credit score. There are many cases where the credit scores are mistakenly entered into your file and the bank will receive these fallacious reports. At the end of this, you will be the sufferer as you cannot take recourse in time to get a loan for the item or service that you wise to purchase. Hence it is important to periodically check your credit score for mistakes. It is your right, assured by the FCRA that you can check your credit score whenever you want by applying to the credit bureau.

There are a number of benefits to having good credit. Any and every creditor these days wants to see a good credit report if not a spectacular one given that many of their customers are now defaulting on their payments, given the economic crisis that has gripped the united states. The credit score is the first thing that will be checked when you apply for a loan and it is the most important thing at that. You can rectify this by doing a credit repair.

A consistent set of good credit scores will be a green light for any and every creditor. If they see this on your record, you will be respected and they will consider you as a no risk or a low risk borrower and this will make you eligible for very low rates. But if you have a bad credit, your value will drop significantly in the eyes of the lender. The creditor will turn down your loan application. Even if you do manage to get one approved by a shoddy creditor, you can be sure that you will not get a good rate on the loan. Planning your financial future can become very difficult if you do not check your credit and get it fixed in time.

The mechanism for checking your scores is not just for information but to correct any errors that may exist. On finding that you have bad credit, you must immediately file a complaint if there is an erroneous report. But if you really have bad credit you can work on it immediately by making payments on your loans that are in arrays or making payments on those insurance plans that you failed to pay. Even traffic tickets can add up to bad credit. You can also hire a professional who specializes in credit repair to assist you.