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Visa card is one of the most prestigious cards with a long list of networking affiliates and deals and tie-ups with globally recognized brands. Visa itself is well known across a hundred countries and you can go without cash for days at a stretch without worrying about anything anywhere. The power of Visa has gotten only bigger by providing you a new edge through which you can save even more by using your credit card.

There are many cards which offer low interest rates, cash back offers, discounts and redeem points. But when you take a closer look, you cannot be far from truth if you think you save a lot with these cards. Some of them have fine printed rules that will put a cap on the amount of cash you can get back in a month or year, which will straightaway dash some of your plans. Others will provide you with discounts only at some select places. Even there, it is not a direct cash back, but it may be a discount that is actually forcing you to buy something else to avail the discount. There are other cards, which have hidden processing charges, outrageous late fee, high interest rates after the intro period so on and so forth. All these are reason why a powerful brand like Visa with a name to live up to is the best possible option.

You can enroll your visa business card by registering at the site with your card details. Companies are allowed to enroll up to 10 of their Visa business cards for every account. You will receive a confirmation of the enrollment after which you can start making qualifying purchases at the participating merchants, which by the way is a massive collection, given the networking of Visa. A qualifying purchase is usually a purchase made online or even at a bill payment counter which complies with all the conditions and terms specific to the offer. PIN based purchases, or any other usage where you have to go through a formal identification process, doesn't usually go through as a qualifying purchase.

Once you have registered, the online site will give you a massive list of the merchants who offer discounts for your Visa. The discount percentage which is a straight cut on the price is usually as high as 15% in some cases, more than anything you can save with cash back or reward offers of other credit cards.